Eric Nam Will Release a New Version of His Album “There and Back” to Celebrate a Decade in Music


To celebrate 10 years spent in the music industry, Eric Nam announced a reinterpreted version of his second English-language album “There and Back”.

Nam officially debuted on January 23, 2013 with his first EP “Cloud 9”. Yesterday (January 25), the Korean-American singer announced that he would mark an important milestone by releasing “There and Back Again (Reimagined)” on March 3.

Nam added that he worked on the record with songwriter and producer Docskim, who previously worked with people like Seo Taiji and BTS.

In a newsletter sent yesterday (January 25), we were informed that a rethought version of “Round Trip” had been in development for several months. “We have remade and recreated all 7 songs from the original album so that each song seems completely new and unusual, but at the same time nostalgically familiar,” he told Us about the upcoming reissue.

“No outrageous promo behind it, no crazy tour, and nothing flashy at all behind this release… this is really my gift to you, and I hope you enjoy this reimagined record.” “Back and Forth (Reimagined)” is currently available for pre-save on major music streaming platforms.

Originally released in 2022, “There and Back” is a seven-track lp featuring the title single “Lost On Me”, as well as “I Don’t Know You Anymore” and “Any Other Way”. 2021.

“There and Back Again” is my first album that I release as an independent artist,” Nam said in a press statement during the album’s release. “It definitely took a while to get to this point, and to be honest, it was a very difficult process, but I’m thrilled with how it turned out.”


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