Eric Idle Said That Elon Musk “Stole” Ideas From Monty Python


Eric Idle said that Elon Musk “stole” ideas from Monty Python about charging people for “complaints”.

After the recent purchase of the social network Twitter, Musk announced that Twitter will charge $8 (£7) for paid verification.

After a negative reaction from many users on the Internet, Musk wrote yesterday (November 2): “To all complainers, please keep complaining, but it will cost $8,” and then gave a link to the “Monty Python” clip.

“Totally stole the idea of charging for insults and arguments with Monty Python, tbh,” Musk wrote next to a clip that shows Michael Palin and John Cleese in a scenario where people pay to get into arguments.

Today (November 3), Idle shared Musk’s tweet and wrote in response: “So you are allowed to steal, but you want us to check who we are? Good luck then.”


Before Musk confirmed the amount, Idle suggested that he would pay to use Twitter in the future, and suggested that he would leave the platform.

“I’m sure Elon will want his money back. But if he asks me to entertain you and lets the orange monster go, I think I can refuse,” Idle wrote. “I say, go back to PythOnline, where I first did it in the nineties…”

With the current settings, the user can pass verification on Twitter by filling out an application on the settings page. The “blue tick”, as it is informally called, is usually intended for public figures of special cultural significance, including celebrities, influencers and representatives of large companies such as news organizations.

News of Musk’s plans sparked anger earlier this week, and Katie Burke was among those who voiced their protests.


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