Eric Church cancels concert before Duke-UNC Final Four game: Read the email to fans that caused a negative reaction


Is everything fair in love and basketball? Eric Church wrote an email to everyone who was going to attend his Saturday concert on April 2, explaining that he was canceling the show to watch the University of North Carolina play Duke in the NCAA tournament.

“This Saturday, my family and I are going to cheer for Tar Heels together, as the team has reached the Final Four. As a longtime Carolina basketball fan, I’ve been watching the Carolina and Duke battles for a year, but for the first time in the history of the NCAA tournament, they will fight in the Final Four — this is the dream of any sports fan,” the 44—year-old man said. the country star wrote.

Church noted that it is the “most selfish” act to ask his fans, known as “Glee”, “to abandon your plans for Saturday night with us so that I can spend this moment with my family and the sports community.”

The “Heart on Fire” pop artist continued, “However, the same type of passion that people who take seats at our concerts feel makes us want to be part of the crowd at a game of such significance.”

Church concluded his statement with a quote from the late North Carolina Tar Heels announcer Woody Durham, writing, “Woody Durham always said, ‘Go where you go and do what you do,’ thank you for letting me come here and be with Tar Heels.”.

Social media users — and those who are going to attend the show scheduled for Saturday at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas – loudly announced this decision.

“Tell your friend Eric Church that he owes me $460 for my hotel in San Antonio,” one person wrote.

Another fan wrote: “Eric Church didn’t cancel the concert when his whole band got sick with coronavirus, but he canceled it for a basketball game 😭 ngl I would be angry if I had these tickets.”

“$800 for a two-person flight from Miami to Austin, $950 for car rental, $500 for a night at a riverside hotel in San Antonio, $2,000 for 2 front row tickets (for the second time) — all for nothing,” wrote a third Twitter user. “I hope North Carolina wins for you. I’m more than disappointed. Damn, bro. @ericchurch».

Other users appreciated Church’s candor, with one person tweeting: “Thanks to Eric Church for openly announcing the cancellation of the show to watch his Heels in FF, he could easily come up with an excuse BS, lol.”