Eric Cantona Describes Manchester United’s Ideal Transfer Structure


Eric Cantona told in detail which players Manchester United should sign for Eric ten Haga.

In a conversation with Richard Broadbent of The Times, Cantona stressed the importance of culture in the dressing room and expressed his opinion on how United should adapt their transfer policy.

The Frenchman was an integral part of Sir Alex Ferguson’s creation of the behemoth that was United in the 90s and 00s, playing the role of maverick and club captain.

As for the conditions in which a player can succeed at Old Trafford, Cantona said:

“You can lose, but you have to give your life for a club like Manchester United. This applies not only to football.

“Players come to Manchester United and they are great players, but when they come and play together, they are not as good as they used to be.

“It depends on the manager, the atmosphere in the club, the personalities.”

Cantona offered to return to Old Trafford as “president of football”, having met with Ed Woodward on several occasions to discuss this position. As a result, the club refused.

He went on to discuss the transfer market and how United should adapt their strategy in terms of hiring:

“The best don’t want to go to Manchester United, they want to go to Manchester City or Real Madrid.

“They have to be smarter, like when [Mohamed] Salah and [Sadio] Mane moved to Liverpool.

“They weren’t the greatest in the world, but they saw that they could play together.”

Indeed, United’s scouting department is conducting additional data analysis to find the “right players” rather than Vuvardian’s signings, as reported by The Athletic.

However, this adaptation, which Cantona drew attention to, may take several years before it is fully implemented.


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