Equinox: Netflix has a new Danish supernatural series!


Fan of trillian and supernatural series? Then you will love Equinox, the new Danish nugget of the SVoD Netflix platform!

Netflix is ​​off to a good start to the year. Indeed, the SVoD giant treats us with a little Nordic sweetness. Equinox, the Danish supernatural series unveils itself.

We can say it, the Nordic series have the wind in their sails lately. Some people remember for example the Netflix productions The Rain and Ragnarok.

This time, the SVoD giant gives you a layer and treats you in abundance. Since last week, we have been able to conquer a new Danish epic.

This is of course Equinox, which joined the catalog for the very last week of 2020. And which we will be able to taste with gusto at the start of the year.

This supernatural series lasts no more than 6 episodes; as much to say to you that it will leave you hungry. Yet its enticing storyline reminds us of other high-profile series.

Fans of black series like this will love the Dark vibe. While others will find the atmosphere of The Society.


Once is not customary, Netflix offers us an adaptation. The series therefore takes up the basics of a podcast called Equinox 1985.

Roughly speaking, the scenario of this new Danish series from Netflix is ​​as follows. Haunted by visions of her sister’s disappearance, Astrid decides to investigate herself.

Little by little, she discovers that this story hides a very dark truth. What we can say is that this supernatural series already has its number of followers.

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Some fans point to a whole different Netflix series, which may have inspired Equinox: Stranger Things. Especially since the series likes to mix genres.

A clever mix of surveys, Nordic folklore and family secrets, Equinox is the new Netflix series to devour without moderation! On your screens …


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