EQS: learn all about the new luxury and powerful Mercedes from Mercedes


EQS: This Thursday (15) Mercedes-Benz presented its new electric car, the EQS. The model is a luxury sedan that completes the manufacturer’s own super-premium S-Class line. With a lot of autonomy and build quality, the car arrives to leave Elon Musk and Tesla with a headache.

“With it, Mercedes is redefining this segment. EQS is also the first model based on modular architecture for luxury electric vehicles and executives. Combining technology, design, functionality and connectivity, EQS delights drivers and passengers “, said the manufacturer in a statement.

According to the company, two versions of the car will be launched, the EQS450 and the EQS580, which will have different specifications. The latter should be released in the coming months. The model is the most aerodynamic car in the world, reaching a resistance coefficient of 0.20 Cx.


As previously shown at an event in 2019, in the form of a prototype, the Mercedes-Benz EQS presents two style philosophies – Sensual Purity and Progressive Luxury.

The design is futuristic, with front lights that come together through a “strip” of LEDs on the front and rear of the vehicle. The front grille is actually a translucent material panel with mini stars from the brand, reinforcing the more modern design of the electric.

The vehicle has automatic doors, that is, when the driver or passengers get close, the door handle “is visible”. As the person approaches, the door may open automatically. When in motion, the door handles are level with the vehicle.

The vehicle is equipped with a 107.8 kWh battery – about 26% more than the EQC 400 4MATIC – which allows the vehicle to reach a range of 770 km on a single charge, according to the company. Regarding the engine, the EQS 450+ will feature a 245 kW engine with single rear-wheel drive and the 580+ should have all-wheel drive and two engines.

With the new generation electrical architecture, the EQS must have an ultra-fast charge of 200 kW, just 15 minutes connected to the outlet to recover up to 300 km of autonomy. In terms of speed, the car must reach a maximum of 210 km / h.

Mercedes has also implemented bidirectional charging technology. With it, the car will be able to supply energy for you and the charging station at the same time. The function, however, will only be available in Japan.


In terms of safety, EQS proposes a new driver protection system. Highlighted is the micro-sleep detection feature. The technology has a camera facing the driver, detecting the movements of the eyelids in search of signs of fatigue or drowsiness. In addition, the autonomous driving system, which is expected to become available in 2022, will give the driver the possibility to delegate full autonomy to driving the car on the road.

Internal space

Inside the vehicle, the main highlight is the panel, with a 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen that extends laterally along the entire length, including the front of the passenger and the center console. In it, the driver will be able to consult all the information about the functioning of the car and to control the multimedia system, besides choosing the color of the ambient light of the interior. MBUX Hyperscreen has an eight-core processor and 24 GB of RAM, promising the best computational capability ever seen in a car.

The trunk offers 610 liters of capacity, which can be “expanded” to 1770 liters when the rear seats are removed.

The company has not yet released official figures, but EQS is expected to cost more than € 100,000 (about R $ 674,000 in the current conversion). Sales are expected to begin later this year.


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