Episode where fans stop supporting Walter White


During the second season of Breaking Bad, we saw how the fans of the series stopped supporting Walter White in a scene that marked the way to see the two main characters of the series.

During season 2 of Breaking Bad, specifically in the episode called “Phoenix”, we saw one of the saddest scenes of the show that managed to impact all the fans. But was it at this point that Walter crossed the Heisenberg line forever?

Recall that for the second season of Breaking Bad, Jesse had met a girl named Jane Margolis, who ended up becoming his beloved girlfriend.

But, because Jane preys on Jesse’s addictions, Walt nearly lost a big deal to drug lord Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), “the biggest deal of our lives,” as he later calls it.

Their condition with drugs begins to get worse and worse, so Walter begins to lose patience, so he decides to look for drugs at Jesse’s house, to take care of the business they were doing himself.

Upon arriving at Jesse’s house, he finds him with Jane sleeping after taking heroin, he tries to wake him up, but fails, at that moment, she turns over and is on her back, so he begins to vomit and choke on his vomit.

At this point all the fans of the series were surprised, by the way in which Walter White stares little by little, watching as he dies, while removing a hindrance from above. Marking the point of no return to be, Heisenberg.

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