Epic wins battle against Apple, but war is just beginning


Apple will not be able to end iOS support for the Unreal Engine SDK, at least in a temporary decision, taken this Tuesday (25), by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers. According to Epic Games, Apple intended to close the developer accounts that the company maintains on the Apple platform next Friday (28), in addition to restricting the use of the Unreal Engine by platform developers of the iPhone maker.

Fortnite remains banned

The situation between the two companies will continue as it is. The judge understood that Epic violated the App Store policies intentionally, so Apple can keep Fortnite out of its app store. According to Rogers, with the breach of contract, Epic caused a “disturbance in the status quo” between the two companies.

Now, for the same need to maintain harmony between development platforms, especially in relation to third-party companies and developers, Apple cannot make such a severe decision. “Epic Games and Apple are free to litigate among themselves, but their dispute should not cause damage to viewers,” argued the judge.

In a hearing on Monday (24), before the decision, the judge had already shown her intention to favor the Unreal Engine, due to its importance to the games industry. The development platform is used by numerous Epic partner companies, as well as independent developers, who maintain games on Apple systems.

Microsoft itself had spoken in favor of Epic Games, regarding the Unreal Engine SDK, which is also used by the technology giant, including, to develop one of its games that run on iOS.

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New hearing on September 28

Judge Rogers’ decision is limited in scope, and aims to prevent the dispute between Epic Games and Apple from causing irreversible impacts to third parties.

A new hearing was scheduled for September 28, when more detailed arguments are expected to be presented by both companies.


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