Epic uses Fortnite content to pit fans against Apple


The conflict between Apple and Epic Games continues in full swing and the game developer has taken another step in this strategic battle. The company is sending emails to users on iOS and Mac saying that the fourth season of Fortnite will not be released on the systems because of the App Store, not to mention its share of blame in banning the game from platforms.

The email sent by Epic Games to Fortnite players warns that iOS and macOS users will not receive the fourth season of content because Apple is preventing the company from updating the game. The firm also mentions that Apple wants to “end the company’s ability” to develop the game for iPhones and Macs.

The purpose of the message, it seems, is to pit users against the owner of the iPhones. “Apple is blocking Fortnite updates and new installations on the App Store and has said it will end our ability to develop Fortnite for Apple devices,” says Epic Games. “As a result, the Season 4 update – Chapter 2 (v14.00) was not released on iOS and macOS on August 27.


To make the story more appealing against the rival, Epic Games omitted some details about the fight with Apple in its statement. The ban on Fortnite from iOS and macOS came after the developer put an extra payment method into the game, which goes against the rules of the App Store.

Recently, companies also fought in court after Apple tried to ban the Epic Games account from their systems. Apple was forced to keep the Unreal Engine running so as not to harm other developers and said it is open for the return of Fortnite to iOS and macOS.

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After receiving support from the judges, Apple said it would bring Fortnite back to its store if Epic Games withdraws the payment method that violates the platform’s rules. So far, however, the game developer continues to boycott the App Store.

Epic Games’ strategy is to intensify the “#FreeFortnite” movement. The company’s initiative aims to mobilize players and users so that Apple, as well as other companies, decrease the rate of 30% charged on sales made in app stores.

While the situation is not resolved, iOS and macOS users can still play Fortnite season 3, but without progressing in the game. Matches also do not have crossplay and are limited among players in the Apple ecosystem.


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