Epic Store Offered $ 200 Million to Have PlayStation Games


Epic Store: Epic Games reportedly wanted to pay $ 200 million for Sony to launch PlayStation games on the PC as exclusive to the Epic Games Store. The information came in leaked documents in the Fortnite owner’s lawsuit against Apple.

According to the details, Epic offered a $ 200 million “minimum guarantee” to Sony if the company chose to launch between 4 and 6 PS4 and PS5 games on the Epic Games Store. That is, PlayStation would possibly receive the money in advance, even before the start of sales of games on the PC.

The document points out that the company led by Tim Sweeney was still awaiting a response from Sony on the matter. It is not yet clear whether the companies have closed the partnership, but no PlayStation games have so far arrived exclusively at the Epic Games store.

Horizon Zero Dawn was released on PC in 2020 and is available on both the Epic Games Store and Steam. Days Gone will hit computers this month and will also feature versions for both stores.

Discussions with Nintendo and Microsoft

The leaked document also points out that Epic Games wanted to bring Xbox and Nintendo games to its PC store. However, the memo lists negative details for the Fortnite platform during the negotiations.

Epic Games reportedly initiated talks with Microsoft to bring the company’s games into its ecosystem. However, the company did not agree with the methods used in the store and saw the platform as a competitor.

In addition, Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox games division, would be meeting “occasionally” with Gabe Newell, the founder of Valve. The alleged meetings demonstrate Microsoft’s proximity to Steam, which was made clear by the arrival of titles such as Forza Horizon 4 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection at the rival Epic Games Store.

Regarding Nintendo, Epic Games points out that it did not even try to argue with the Japanese company. The document defines an agreement with the owner of Mario as practically impossible.

According to other leaked documents, the Epic Games Store has allocated about $ 1 billion to acquire exclusives for its store. In addition, the company has already spent about $ 11.6 million on distributing free games on the platform.


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