Epic Launches Game Self-Publishing Platform Beta


Epic Games is developing a new game self-publishing tool — or self-publishing, in English. The goal is to allow new titles to arrive in the store faster, as the process becomes easier and more automatic.

Until then, the approval process for selling a game on the Epic Games Store is basically “manual”. The production team had to analyze, case by case, each of the more than 650 games that are currently in the store. With the self-publishing platform, the producers themselves will be able to upload games, product descriptions, set their prices and other details.

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Closed beta for the future

Now, the platform is accepting developers — who will need to be approved by the Epic Games Store team, yet — to participate in this self publishing platform’s closed beta. The form is available on the store’s website and, after approval, you must also submit your financial information. After that, approved developers will be able to use the platform to upload their games that will be released on the Epic Games Store.

Epic hopes to increase the library of games available in its store already in this closed beta, but also wants to test the functions of the self-publishing platform, before releasing it to the entire market. After all, this is quite a change in the process that is currently taking place — if the platform works, many new games could reach the Epic Games Store, in a much simpler way. If you’re developing one, it’s worth a try.

The rules, process details and application form are on the store’s website.


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