Epic Games Would Accept Agreement With Apple To Avoid Lawsuit


Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney confirmed in a statement that the developer would have accepted an exclusive deal with Apple to receive benefits on iOS, had the company offered something similar.

The speech occurred during the trial involving the lawsuit filed by Epic Games against Apple, alleging anti-competitive practices and irregular rules in the virtual store. The Fortnite company complains about the 30% fee charged for microtransactions on the platform – and as a result of the fight, the game was removed from the company’s systems.

When asked if the company would accept an exclusive deal to pay lower commissions to the Apple store, without other developers knowing about it or being privileged together, Sweeney said “yes”. According to some analyzes, the answer could harm the company in court evaluations, as one of the company’s arguments was that the lawsuit was a defense of all developers forced to agree to the payments.

Was it all a plan?

However, as the question came from the developer’s own lawyers, this may be a strategy to show that Apple itself was not willing to cut rates at any time.

The trial will continue throughout the week, with new witnesses from industry insiders.


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