Epic Games will make two games free!


Epic Games free games have been talked about a lot recently. Combining GTA 5 and Civilization VI games for free, the platform’s two games to be released in the coming weeks leaked on Reddit.

As it is known, free games continue to attract the attention of the players. Finally, Civilization VI was free. Moreover, it does not limit the players to play platform games. This has increased the interest in the platform.

Epic Games free game calendar announced
It was curious to know which game the platform will make for free, which makes a surprise game free every week. Previously, GTA 5 was leaked to be free and the news was correct. The players received the game for free for 1 week. Now the games that the game platform will give free are leaked through Reddit. Games that will be free will surprise players.

According to the information revealed, Borderlans The Handsome Colletion will be next in the Epic Games free game calendar. This package includes Borderlands 2, DLC and add-ons for this game, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

These games will also allow you to use it indefinitely and forever after it is added to the library for 1 week. Epic Games will continue to succeed in the game world.


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