Epic Games to Offer 15 Free Games to Celebrate Christmas


The Epic Games Store is set to repeat last Christmas’ dose this year and distribute 15 different games for free over the next few days of the year. The information is not yet official, but it comes from a “leaker” known for his successes.

The rumor started on the Dealabs forum, coming from user Billbill-Kun, who has already fixed other leaks in his posts, such as the PS Plus games for several months and the Xbox Game Pass games for December.

According to him, the first free game of this batch would be Shenmue 3, available on December 16th.

The very next day, the game would be changed and, according to Billbill-Kun, the store would continue at this rate of one free game a day until it reached the fifteenth game, which would be available for a week to return to the normal game donation rate. Epic

The 16th of December with the offering of the first game should also mark the beginning of the year-end promotion of Epic Games Store games, so the daily game distribution will serve to promote the store and make users log in every day and see the discounts.

The information isn’t hard to believe not only because of Billbill-Kun’s good record, but also because Epic has done this before. For Christmas 2019, 12 games were offered over several days and last year there were 15. It won’t be surprising if Epic decides to repeat the dose.