Epic Games: There is bug that raises the CPU temperature

Users with Intel and AMD Ryzen processors warn that Epic Games’ digital platform causes unusual behavior in their hardware.

Not a few users with Intel and AMD Ryzen processors have noticed unusual behavior in their computers in recent weeks, detecting a considerable increase in the temperature of their CPUs when using the Epic Games Store launcher; and not only by running video games, but also detecting the problem without any open games, just by simply opening the Epic Games software.

Epic Games offers a non-definitive solution

Apparently, and after several tests on different computers, Epic Games has come to the conclusion that its launcher was running processes in the background that are too demanding with processor resources, which causes a noticeable increase in the CPU temperature because it is working continuously.

According to Epic Games, a solution is already being worked on, although for now it is not final. Thus, and after the 11.0.2 update, the bug should stop appearing in principle, although the company comments, through Sergiy Galyonkin, director of editorial strategy at Epic Games, that “it is not a complete solution” and that they will continue working to fix this problem permanently with new patches that should not take long to arrive.

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