Epic Games has switched to the expected system for a while!


Epic Games has started to be on our agenda very often now. Because with the GTA 5, which it recently announced to distribute free of charge until May 21, the game store collapsed for a while due to density. Now a new feature is coming for the Epic Games store that fixed this problem in a short time. Epic Games will enable self service refunds. There are some conditions in these game returns.

Epic Games self-service refund with the new update
Epic Games has released a new update to make return processes easier and better. According to this update, users will now have a 14-day period if they have bought a game and want to return it, and it will have to play this game in less than 2 hours.

So you have a little over an hour to decide not to like and return the game. If you meet these conditions, you can easily return the game. With the renewed return system, Epic Games allows gamers to experience more games and keep the games they love in their library.

A similar return system already exists on Steam. With its new update, Epic integrates itself into this return system.

To get the refund you need to log in to your account on Epic Games website. After that, you need to click on the “Account” menu in the upper right and go to the “Transactions” tab. Click on the game you want to return and select the “Refund” option. If your situation is appropriate (14 days and 2 hours in total), the refund will arrive in a short time.


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