Epic Games Store will receive text chat support


The Epic Games Store will undergo some very relevant updates soon, when it will gain support for new voice and text chat functions, in addition to other improvements. Epic’s idea is to implement a party system and improve its social search tools in order to make the store a more complete hub.

Other features that should arrive in the short term are customizable cards for each player, in addition to a new “do not disturb” mode. All of this is enough to try to bring the Epic Game Store systems closer to what you see on other platforms on the market.

Almost everything is still surrounded by mystery, but the party system has been a little more detailed and will allow players to enter and leave any group at any time, as there will never be a definite owner of the party. Even cooler, in the group window we can share the best moments of the matches and customize groups of friends to play.

With the arrival of the new features, Epic should abandon the direct message tool between users, since the system was little used. Now we have to wait and see if these new features will generate even better numbers for the platform, which added 52 million new players over the course of 2020!

Do you like to play and shop at the Epic Games Store? Did you enjoy the improvements announced? Comment below!

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