Epic Games Store: What Is It And How To Download Free Games


Epic Games is a virtual store, along the lines of Steam, where you can purchase games in the digital version for PC. In addition, the company’s main titles are also available, such as the popular Fortnite and Magic the Gathering: Arena, with exclusive items and frequent updates. To top it off, every week the platform brings free games that can be redeemed by all its customers.

Today Voxel tells you more about the virtual store and teaches you how to download these games for free. Check out:

What is Epic Games

Epic Games is an online store of the famous game producer. There, you can buy games, digitally, for your PC. Among the titles, there are some games that are sold exclusively on the platform, and others that are also sold on services such as Steam, GOG and Nuuvem.

The great advantage of the Epic Store is the availability of free games on the platform. Every week the free title is updated on Thursdays at 13:00, giving the customer a seven-day period to redeem. This game does not need to be installed at the time of purchase. It can stay in your library, along with other titles redeemed or purchased in a purchase, to be downloaded whenever you want.

Soon, the platform will also have an Achievements system similar to other services like PSN, Xbox Live and Steam. In it, players need to perform in-game tasks to get Experience Points. These points allow you to move up in the rankings, which show your friends on the platform your level of skill with the games.


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