Epic Games Store tests achievements in some games


The platform of the creators of Fortnite is still implementing features that its competitors do have. On December 6, 2018, the Epic Games Store began filming.

The North American company bet heavily on its store, because it tried to distance itself from its competitors by offering a different distribution of income than the standard, which would benefit the developers themselves more (not to mention free games). Little by little, slowly but with good handwriting, the authors of Fortnite have been adding new features to their platform. One of the most popular options, in addition to user analysis (already available), is achievement. Epic Games has announced that they are already implementing the system, although it is still limited to some games and is in the testing phase.

This was transmitted by the company in a message published on the social network Twitter. “Some games may show achievements when unlocked at the Epic Games Store,” they report. “This is a preliminary version of the feature, so you can expect changes and adjustments. We will share more information about future achievements, so stay tuned. ” From what is seen in the video that accompanies the tweet, ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the titles chosen for the testing phase.


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Epic Games Store integrates into GOG Galaxy 2.0

Break the barriers between digital platforms. Many users see having various launcher icons on the desktop as a nuisance, so GOG Galaxy 2.0 has been released to fix that problem. The idea is to bring together the libraries and friends of all digital stores in a single program. Until now, only Xbox had offered official support, but now Epic Games Store has also joined.

It is an important step to break the walls between different PC stores. It allows players to unify their experience and manage their library of PC games regardless of where they have purchased them, “they said from the North American company. Tim Sweeney, co-founder of Epic Games, defended this line and assured that the ownership of digital objects should be a universal notion.


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