Epic Games Store test mods with Mechwarrior 5


The digital store is also experimenting with achievements, a feature that has been implemented in some games. Movements at Epic Games Store, the digital store of the creators of Fortnite.

If yesterday we reported on the experiments the company was carrying out with achievements, today it is the turn of another important functionality: mods. A must-have for many PC gamers, this feature was not yet integrated into the Epic Games Store. However, the Americans have confirmed that they are working on it and that they have already started a testing phase. Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries is the first officially supported game, although they intend to extend this option to more games in the future.

Features to come

“Mod support is now in beta at the Epic Games Store, starting with Mechwarrior 5,” begins the statement posted on Twitter. “This is an early version of the feature, but you can expect more supported titles in the future. Stay tuned”. The platform, launched in late 2018, emerged as a direct alternative to Steam. Still, many users complained that it still did not have the same options that its competitor offered. Still, the Epic Games Store is taking it easy.

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