Epic Games Store renews with social features


The Epic Games Store has been considered by Valve as a threat to Steam since its launch. Wanting to strengthen its hand in this process, Valve also added features related to game recommendations and social connections to Steam. Now Epic has taken action to catch up on the social side of the business.

According to the statement made by Epic, a party system has been added to the play store. In this system, Discord-style voice and text chat is provided. In-game experiences are also part of Epic’s system. The current message system called Whispers is unplugged on the grounds that it does not attract attention.

While it is stated that the new party system will be available “soon”, some features will meet with users this month. One of these features is called Player Cards. Thanks to the Player Cards, users will be able to see the current status of their friends.

The Epic Games Store may not gain a big advantage over Steam with these new features. However, in the long run, thanks to such features, it may be possible for the Epic Games Store to protect new users.

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