Epic Games Store makes huge changes to the quality of life


Epic Games expands the functionality of the Epic Games store by adding several new ranked lists in the Discovery section of its store showcase. In the past, Epic Games has been criticized by both game developers and users for its inconvenient detection capability in the Epic Games Store. It was difficult not only to find the games that users are looking for, not to mention creating a showcase where users are shown games that players don’t know about. These changes in the Epic Games Store can be a valuable change in the quality of life.

When Epic Games Store users open the main page of the store, they are provided with a whole garage of games. To begin with, there is a carousel of recommended games, a selection of games that are currently on sale, and then additional subsections filled with content that Epic Games believes this user might like. The content is presented in an unorganized manner, which some criticize as unproductive for users who need additional information about the games they are demonstrating in the Epic Games store.

The new sections that Epic has added to the store’s homepage should help by providing clearer information about game groups. The new sections include “The Best Rated Players”, “The Most popular” and “The most anticipated in the Wish List”. They join similar lists of “New Releases”, “Best Sales” and “Coming Soon”. Each list includes five games, but it can be expanded to view a sorted list of dozens of titles.

In particular, more specific changes were made to the “Best Sales” list. Previously, the list showed only 50 games, but now it has been updated and shows only 100 games. This has also been changed so that free games will no longer appear on the list, which makes sense given that they are not for sale and therefore should not be the top sellers. While it’s unclear what metric Epic uses to sort its sales leaders, the list provides Epic Games Store users with a good way to find out what’s popular and what’s new on any given day.

As for why Epic may have added these lists, it could be because PC gamers have been asking for them for a long time. Steam has been providing similar sections on its showcase for some time. The lists of “New Items and Trends”, “Best Sales” and “Popular Upcoming” occupy a prominent place on the Steam homepage. Valve also sends out monthly press releases about the best-selling Steam games and hardware, and it has an entire section on its website and store dedicated to monthly sales leaders.

It’s true that the Epic Games Store homepage remains very dirty, although the same can be said about the Steam homepage. The important thing is that Epic adds a utility for users who want it. If a user wants to know which games they have added to the wishlist in the Epic Games Store that are coming soon, now they can easily do it. This is a change in the quality of life that should improve the work of many Epic Games Store users on the storefront.


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