Epic Games Store has Hitman 3 and its new location for PC


Hitman 3 has a new location and the PC game can be purchased exclusively through the Epic Games Store

Hitman 3 for PC will be an exclusive that the Epic Games Store will have until January 2022, as reported by IO Interactive.

In the IO interactive statement it is indicated that being an independent studio, the agreement they reached with Epic has allowed them to have creative freedom for the development of the expected game under the title Hitman 3, so it has been done based on the desires of the study, to which is added the possibility of being able to publish it themselves directly.

The studio also confirmed that players will be able to move their Hitman 2 progress from Steam to the new installment on the Epic Games Store, as well as being able to import the locations of the first two games to the new store.

It should be remembered that from this month it is possible to make the advance reservation for Hitman 3 on all available platforms.

In addition to the exclusivity, today’s news reveals the second location, it is Dartmoor, England, where it will take us to the Thornbridge mystery, which indicates that a murder has been committed inside the mansion of a powerful family, investigation for which Agent 47 is hired.

The main scriptwriter of the game, Nick Price, has explained that in this mission it is possible to interact with up to 11 main characters, of which each has its own plot, as well as defining elements.

In other words, each member of the family is a possible suspect, which increases the level of challenge and increases the expectations of the game as far as exploration and investigation are concerned. The screenwriter assures that they have made a great effort so that the situations have variations important as the discoveries made by the player.

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With this statement, Dartmoor together with Dubai will be two of the confirmed scenarios so far, as well as the fact that PlayStation VR users will have the possibility to play Hitman 3 in full with their virtual reality device, including the first two titles. of the franchise.


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