Epic Games Store “Definitely Won’t” Stop Developers from Selling NFT


In a recent statement, Minecraft developer, Mojang Studios, stated that it will not support NFT or any other blockchain technologies in its games. This is important news for NFT and their connection with games, as Minecraft is the most successful video game in the world, and it is the main real estate for the implementation of NFT properties. The announcement also prompted many gamers who are categorically against NFT to urge other gaming giants to make similar announcements.

NFT are highly controversial blockchain—based tokens, meaning ownership of a digital asset. This technology has received its share of criticism, but it has also brought NFT companies a lot of money. Unsurprisingly, many video game companies such as Ubisoft are dabbling in this technology, much to the dismay of some fans.

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This puts video game developers and publishers in a difficult position, because it is obvious that you can make a lot of money watching NFT, but at the cost of the anger of many fans. In response to Mojang’s statement against NFT, a Twitter user called on Epic Games and, in particular, its CEO Tim Sweeney to make a similar announcement and remove all games from the Epic Games Store that use blockchain technology. Tim Sweeney responded to this comment, but stated that stores should not interfere or impose their opinions on game developers.

Sweeney ended his statement by saying that Epic Games “definitely won’t” restrict the sale of games in the Epic Game store to those who don’t have blockchain technology. However, it is important to note that although Minecraft is a series with several games and separate properties, it is a single franchise developed by Mojang, and Tim Sweeney is referring to the sale of third-party games in the Epic Games Store. and not specifically games owned by Epic Games.

Epic Games’ refusal to directly condemn NFT does not necessarily mean that the company supports blockchain technology. However, in a subsequent response to Tim Sweeney’s statement on Twitter, Blizzard senior software engineer Joseph Blo called Epic Games’ alleged neutrality regarding NFT a “tacit endorsement” that only serves to normalize NFT for a wider audience.

If Epic Games continues to actively support or produce NFT, rather than simply allowing other developers in the Epic Game store to do so, it will be a reversal of another statement made by Tim Sweeney in September 2021, in which he claimed that Epic Games “are not about NFT.” Sweeney’s reasons for this position at the time included his belief that the crypto industry as a whole was entangled in fraud and decentralized technology funds.


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