Epic Games Store Can Now Be Downloaded From The Windows 11 Store


Epic Games Store: With the global arrival of Windows 11 on Tuesday (5), all features are already within reach of users. For gamers, it’s time to see if that promise of the new Microsoft Store being “built for games” is real. At the opening, we will already come across the Epic Games window inside the Microsoft store.

As if you were in a virtual mall, you can now download the program that gives access to Fortnite within the Microsoft Store, as well as a number of entertainment and social media apps, such as Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Discord, Reddit, Netflix, Opera , Twitter among others.

The concept of “Open Store for an Open Platform” seeks to offer new options to developers, who are increasingly disappointed by Apple and Google’s inflexible rules. In addition to having direct access to the store, through a separate portal, Devs will no longer have to shell out the 15% of the revenue generated in the Store, except for games, which now pay 12% instead of the old 30%.

In Microsoft Store Security

Microsoft’s welcome to Epic Games comes less than a month after the video game developer’s historic antitrust lawsuit filed against Apple. In the ruling, a federal judge ruled that Apple cannot prevent apps from offering purchase options outside of its App Store.

With the arrival of the Epic Games Store within Microsoft, the app remains exactly the same as it can be downloaded from the official Epic website, which will also continue to manage updates.

Although we’re not used to this “store within a store” concept, this introduction makes perfect sense, especially when it comes to “prospecting” new games. Within the Microsoft Store, users will now be able to discover a wide variety of releases and download them within the official store, without running the risk of downloading a counterfeit version.


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