Epic Games Store approaching Steam


The Epic Games Store can even offer a large amount of free titles to its users, but the fact is that, in terms of resources, it still leaves something to be desired when compared to its main rival, Steam.

The Fortnite owner’s platform doesn’t have a shopping cart, for example, requiring users to purchase their games individually. Another shortcoming of the system is how much achievements within games. But at least that last item started receiving attention from the developer recently.

Ark: Survival Evolved was the first game to receive a system of achievements, which even indicates the player’s progress towards achieving one of the possible objectives. The implementation resembles that of the Xbox One, and Epic revealed a video of the system working through its Twitter:

“Some games on the Epic Games Store may begin to display achievements as you unlock them. This is a trial version of the feature so you can expect changes and other adjustments. We will have new information to share about achievements in the future, so stay tuned!”

Remember, until today (30) it is possible to redeem Tacoma and Next Up Hero games for free in the store. After the rescue, the copies are yours forever.

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