Epic Games Store announces its new feature!


Epic Games Store, which is the first platform that comes to mind when it comes to free games today and gained a great momentum after the free GTA 5 campaign, continues to meet new features by following the roadmap it shared earlier. Epic Games Store mod adding feature is activated.

Epic Games Store announces mod adding!

Epic Games Store has announced another feature that can attract players to the platform after the Achievements system it added recently. It is aimed to make the platform more attractive with the innovation that provides players to install and update mods. The company announced on its Twitter page that the mod making process will be active first with MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries.

In the statement, “An early version of this feature. However, you can expect more support in the future. This innovation will allow you to browse the mods made by both players and developers. It will also allow you to upload them automatically ”. The company also mentioned that it has been working on mod support since last summer, and it took a long time to build this enormous feature.

One of the topics PC players constantly criticized Epic Games was mode support. While their biggest competitor was providing convenience with Steam mods, they saw the absence of this feature in the Epic Games Store as a significant deficiency to date. Announcing that it reached 61 million users in June, the platform runs a big campaign by distributing important games such as GTA V, Civilization VI, Borderlands for free. The store is finally

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