Epic Games Store Announces a Free Game for August 4th


Epic Games Store has been giving away at least two free games a week for a while, but it looks like the service is returning to giving away one free game a week. The Epic Games store has added a new game that users can get into their digital libraries, and also confirmed a free game that fans will be able to get next week.

Every Thursday at 10:00 Central European time, Epic Games Store releases new free gifts, and this week was no exception. From now until next Thursday, August 4, 10:00 Central European time, Epic Games Store users can apply for a lawn mower simulator. The lawn mower simulator, for the uninitiated, fully corresponds to its name. It’s literally a lawn mowing game. This kind of simulation games is definitely niche, but it has its fans, and those who are interested in it can now check it out completely free of charge – without a subscription fee or something like that. All you need is to download the Epic Games Store launcher.

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Meanwhile, Epic Games Store has also introduced a free game that users can get next week. Available from August 4-11, Unrailed is the next free game in the Epic Games Store from developer Indoor Astronaut and publisher Daedaelic Entertainment.

Free games in the Epic Games store, August 2022

Lawn Mower Simulator (July 28 — August 4) Unrailed! (August 4 – August 11)

For those who may not be familiar with the game, Unrailed is a railway construction game with voxel graphics and procedurally generated worlds. It has both online and local co-op, so all players who need a game to play together should definitely try it. Unrailed received mixed reviews from critics when it was first launched in 2020, although user reviews of the game were much more positive. Since it will be completely free in the Epic Games Store next week, fans can try it themselves and draw their own conclusions without spending money.

Free games in the Epic Games Store will be available throughout 2022, so fans should get a lot more free games every week. It is quite possible that Epic Games Store will return to giving away two free games at a time, although for now fans can count on at least one free game per week.


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