Epic Games releases three more free games for Windows


Another week is coming to an end, and as usual, the Epic Games Store releases new free games for those who are preparing for another weekend at home.

This time players will be able to redeem free games 3 out of 10 EP 1: Welcome to Shovelworks, Wilmot’s Warehouse and Sludge Life. The latter is an indie developed by the Brazilian Terri Vellmann, which mixes graffiti, open world and dystopia, published by Devolver Digital.

Interested parties must access the platform, both through the client for Windows and through the web version – which allows redemption via mobile phone – until the next 13th. The deadline for obtaining it is noon. It is only necessary to redeem the game, and its installation can happen at any other time appropriate to the user.

It is worth noting that it is not necessary to choose only one of the three offers, and as soon as the promotion ends, new titles will be added to the list of free games for a limited time on the platform. One of the next titles already confirmed for free availability is the one praised by the critic The Alto Collection.

It is important that interested parties also check the minimum and recommended requirements to run the games on their PCs. This week, however, the titles are very light, so anyone who has a dedicated GPU, however simple it may be, should not face any difficulties to rotate them.

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