Epic Games pulls the rest of its games from the App Store


Follow the Cold War between Apple and Epic Games on the occasion of Fortnite and its absence from the App Store.

Now Apple completely removes Epic from its store.
The war between Apple and Epic Games rages on. The apple company has taken a new step in its relationship with the creators of Fortnite and has closed the developer’s account in the App Store, removing all their games from the store and revoking their access to development tools on iPhone and iPad. In this way, if we did not have titles such as Infinity Blade or Battle Breakers downloaded to our mobile, we will no longer be able to access them. Apple had threatened to make this decision a few weeks ago, when it required Epic to comply with the guidelines, policies and conditions of its store, but in the absence of going back on its part (which has in fact taken the matter to court), the company has decided to carry out its threat.

“We are saddened and disappointed to have to cancel Epic Games’ account on the App Store,” Apple said in a statement. “We have worked with the Epic Games team for many years and on many releases. The court recommended that they adhere to the App Store guidelines while studying the case. Guidelines that have been that way for over a decade. But Epic has refused. Instead what they do is continually send us updates for Fortnite that violate these guidelines. It is not fair to the other developers on the App Store and it is putting customers in the middle of their fight. We look forward to working together again in the future, but unfortunately that is not possible today. ”

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Why has this war started?

Broadly speaking, the rebellion of Epic Games tries to fight against the 30% of profits that Apple takes from all the money generated by the applications in its store. The developer implemented a system in Fortnite to get around this commission that allows them to price their products up to 20% cheaper. This saving is the reason they use in their defense and with which they have wanted to win the support of users. Convinced that their cause is just, Epic Games has sued Apple and Google (who have also banned Fortnite from their Play Store). And while waiting for justice to decide, they have created an ad that mocks Apple and that, parodying that first and legendary Steve Jobs commercial, encourages people to join the fight against large corporations. It is the so-called #FreeFornite movement, which even has the support of Xbox and Microsoft (whom Apple banned Project xCloud for the same reason), and within Fortnite itself there are already jokes about it, such as the Evil Tycoon skin, a man in suit with apple head. We will see which side the balance falls now that the matter is in the hands of the courts and who backs down first.


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