Epic Games’ Payment For Free Games Revealed

Epic Games, which recently opened its own digital game store and rivals Steam, distributes free games every week. This campaign, which was made to attract new players, increases the popularity of the Epic Games, which no one gave a chance in the beginning.

But have you ever thought about how much Epic Games paid for these games? A document submitted in the ongoing Apple case reveals how much the company paid developers

Epic Games gave free games to 104 million people

Epic Games, which was sued with Apple due to App Store commissions in early 2020, continues its struggle. While the ongoing litigation process remains uncertain for both companies, new details are also emerging. One of these details was the document showing how much the company paid game developers for free productions.

Documents seized by GamerDiscoverCo, a research firm, were shared by company founder Simon Carless. The document revealed how much Epic Games paid developers between January and September 2019.

According to this document, Epic Games paid 11 million 658 thousand dollars to developers for free games in 2019. 104 million users add free games to their library, of which 5 million are first-time registrants. Considering the number of people using the platform, it is possible to say that the free game campaign was successful.

Another remarkable detail in the document is the amounts paid for the games. For example, Warner Bros. The company paid $ 1.5 million for the Batman Arkham games developed by Ubisoft, and did not make any payments to Ubisoft’s production named For Honor. Where these differences come from or what Epic Games takes into account when paying developers remains a mystery for now.



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