Epic Games opens a new front in the Apple case


Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, announced that it filed a formal antitrust (monopolization) complaint against the European Commission. The complaint means that a new front has been opened for the lawsuit between the two companies. Previously, lawsuits were filed in the US, UK and Australia for the same reason.

Epic Games grows its battle with Apple

In a complaint to the European Commission, Epic Games claimed that Apple had completely eliminated competition from app distribution and payment processes by imposing unlawful restrictions in a carefully designed manner. The company also noted that it causes consumers to pay higher prices, and that Apple has more control over the developers on its platform than usual.

Underlining in the announcement that a loss by Apple is unacceptable in the EU market, the company instead sought timely and effective solutions to examine anti-competitive moves. “We just want to see the Union ban on these platform companies using their control over hardware to gain control over secondary markets and force them to compete on equal terms with every competitor,” said Tim Seeney, Epic Games CEO.

The complaint was the last move Epic made in its ongoing dispute with Apple. The company criticized its control over software distribution and its policies regarding payments with Apple, which owns App Strore, after which a 30 percent cut was imposed on purchases for the app. CEO Tim Sweeney defended the view that the tech giant made an unfair profit, saying “We consider this 30 percent cut as a tax.”

All these developments went up to the removal of Fortnite from the App Store. Later, Epic reacted by referring to Apple’s 1984-themed ad. In November, the firm announced it would cut the App Store commission by 15 percent for developers with an annual revenue of less than $ 1 million, in response to pressure from other developers and regulators. After all these developments, the fight of the two giant companies that will overflow to the courtrooms in May seems to inform us about the final decision.