Epic Games must be suspended in the Apple Store


Apple has accused Epic Games of seeking special sales terms, but the company denies that this has happened. According to what was released by CNBC, Epic Games was looking for a new way to sell its applications through the store on iOS systems, in addition to making the money from purchases passed directly to Epic Games.

However, to counter the charges, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, posted on Twitter a picture of the email that was sent to Apple, seeking to prove his point. In the publicly available text, the manager reinforces that he hopes that the conditions can be applied not only to Epic Games developers, but to all iOS developers.

More details of the fight between Apple and Epic Games

Although it makes sense what Apple says, actions that would generate greater revenue for Epic Games, the email released, supposedly, shows the company’s intentions from the beginning.

However, thanks to the discussions, it was reported that Apple will terminate the Epic Games developer account from the App Store, eliminating programs for any platform on the iOS system.

Apple says that all this movement generated by Epic Games is self-inflicted, as if the organization was only seeking to get the media’s attention – which it ended up achieving. In fact, with the spotlight on you, it was announced that the Free Fortnite Cup tournament will happen soon, earning several prizes for players and getting more people to know Epic Games.

In general, the allegations of the two parties make sense, although concrete evidence has basically not been presented until then.

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