Epic Games made another free game this week!


The digital game store Epic Games Store came up with free Automachef this week. So how to participate in the campaign.The Epic Games Store regularly releases a new free game every week.

Users add the relevant game to their library once during the campaign and own it indefinitely. The digital game store, known for making popular games such as GTA 5 and Battlefront II free, gave Void Bastards last week.

Single-player simulation Automachef is free on the Epic Games platform. In the game, users design kitchens, program machines, while demonstrating their resource management skills by using tools to bring their ingenious ideas to life.

How to get Automachef for free from Epic Games?

Automachef will be free from August 26 to September 2. When you add it to your library between these dates, it will remain in your Epic Games account forever. Therefore, you should not forget the information such as e-mail, user name, password of the account you are logging in. To download the game for free, you can access the store page from here and then easily add it to your library.

Automachef’s voiceover language is English. It comes with support for French, German, Spanish (Spain), Italian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English as text languages.

What are the Automachef system requirements?

When we examine the system requirements of the Automachef game; First of all, we see that there is a minimum Windows 7 64-bit operating system requirement. Intel-based systems require at least Core i5-2300 CPU, while AMD-based systems require A8-5600K CPU. The game requires a minimum GeForce GTX 550 Ti or Radeon HD 7770 graphics card, 4GB of RAM and 6GB of storage.

The recommended system requirements for Automachef are; It increases the operating system requirement to Windows 10 64-bit. Looking at the processor part, Intel Core i5-4460 or Ryzen 3 2200G is required, while 8GB RAM + 6GB storage is desired. It is stated that users should have a GeForce GTX 950 or Radeon R9 290 graphics card. In addition, it is useful to add that there is at least DirectX Version II requirement.

Which game would you like for free on the Epic Games platform? We are waiting your comments.


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