Epic Games Launched ‘Achievements’ Feature


Epic Games has launched the “Achievements” feature, which is liked by many gamers. It is stated that this feature, which has been found to work only in Ark: Survival Evolved game for now, is at an early stage and some changes can be made.

Epic Games is undoubtedly one of the most popular online gaming platforms. The platform, which has exploded in the number of users, especially with the free game campaigns launched last year, still has some important shortcomings. Officials have recently announced that they have initiated various efforts to overcome these shortcomings and that Epic Games will become much more useful over time. Now, a feature has come to the platform that will excite many gamers.

Gamers have been using Steam owned by Valve for years. The platform has brought some habits to gamers due to the lack of alternatives during the times when it became popular. As such, gamers want to continue their habits on Epic Games and other online gaming platforms. Being aware of this situation, Epic Games also introduced the “Achievements” feature, which is important to many players on Steam.

Epic Games has announced the new feature they brought with a statement from its official Twitter account. The Achievements feature of the platform works just like Steam and other game platforms. So anything you do when you are playing any game allows you to unlock a success. The new feature of Epic Games seems to be working only for Ark: Survival Evolved for the moment.

In the statements made by Epic Games, it is stated that the feature is at an early stage for now. This reveals that this feature may be changed in the future. Users will also be able to unlock achievements not only for Ark: Survival Evolved, but also for other games in the future. However, in which games this feature will start to appear, it remains unclear.

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Epic Games’ official Twitter share

A leaked image of Epic Games’s Achievements feature shows that achievements in games will be classified into categories such as gold, silver or bronze. This is an indication that Epic Games will further imitate Sony’s Thropy system. The Achievements feature also classifies the achievements of the games according to their rarity, such as “common”. Epic Games seems to manage to impress users with its new feature.

That image leaked from Epic Games’ Achievements


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