Epic Games has already planned a lawsuit against Apple and Google since 2019


Epic Games entered into a major legal dispute against Apple last year, which eventually removed Fortnite from iPhones. However, the game developer has already planned to conflict with Apple since 2019, according to documents presented at the trial of the lawsuit involving the companies.

According to the memos, Epic Games hired companies specializing in marketing in 2019 to work on a strategy against Apple and Google. The action was known as “Project Liberty” and was intended to show app store owners as “mean” for charging developers fees.

This is not the first time that we have heard of “Project Liberty”. In February, Epic Games commander Tim Sweeney also confirmed that he was orchestrating a lawsuit against Apple and Google. The executive said the company spent months working on the lawsuit against the companies.

How the bullshit started

Epic Games‘ legal action against Apple began after a move that took place in August last year and can already be considered premeditated. The developer has placed an extra payment method within Fortnite offering advantages to players who do not use the Apple tool, which goes against the rules of the App Store.

As expected, Apple dropped Fortnite from the store for violating the platform’s guidelines. A few minutes after the event, Epic Games announced a lawsuit against the Cupertino company and Google, which were accompanied by a movement on social networks.

Called “Free Fortnite”, the campaign was announced at an event within the battle royale game and received a video inspired by an old Apple advertising campaign. Epic Games‘ goal was to mobilize players against the owner of the iPhones after the game was banned.

Changes on the App Store

The lawsuit against Apple and Google alleges that app stores charge high usage fees and do not guarantee freedom for developers. While companies are still fighting each other in the courts, the lawsuit has already benefited those who work creating apps.

Last year, Apple cut the App Store fee in half for app developers with revenue below $ 1 million a year. In addition, the Cupertino giant has also begun to say that its store is not the only form of distribution present on iOS. According to the company, disgruntled developers can launch web apps, which work through browsers and have no fees.


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