Epic Games Gives Away 10 Euros For Subscribing To Their Emails: How To Get The Coupon


Epic Games offers a coupon of 10 euros to invest in its digital store in exchange for accepting the receipt of different advertising communications. Epic Games has started a new promotion, “Connect and Save”, for which it offers a coupon of 10 euros to spend on the Epic Games Store in exchange for subscribing to the company’s emails. These emails require the email account linked to our account; in return, the user will periodically receive advertising information on “products, news, events and promotions” from Epic Games.

How to get the 10 euro coupon from Epic Games

The Epic Games emails and alerts program seeks to retain the user so that they are aware of all the news, weekly free games and discounts; which can incentivize the recurring purchase of video games in your store.

To benefit from the coupon, it is necessary to subscribe to their communications between October 15 and November 16. Apparently, it will not work in all video games, but in a selection. “We will give you an Epic coupon worth € 10 that you can use the next time you buy in the Epic Games Store any of the games meet the requirements,” they indicate.

Questions and doubts about the 10 euro coupon from Epic Games
Dates: The “Connect and Save” promotion begins on October 15 at 4:01 PM CEST and ends on November 16 at 8:59 AM CEST.
When do the coupons expire ?: According to the official website, the coupons will expire when the event ends, so it must be spent before November 16 at 08:59 (CEST).
In which games can we invest the coupon ?: in any game on the Epic Games Store that has a minimum price of 14.99 euros or more.
How many coupons can we get ?: One per account.
Players already subscribed to the communications will receive the coupon of 10 euros within a maximum period of 24 hours. “Once you receive it, it will be deducted from the amount when making the payment of the next purchase that meets the requirements. Check your account inventory to see if the coupon is ready to use. ”

How to subscribe to Epic Games emails: just go to your Epic Games user profile> Communication preferences> Subscribe to emails / unsubscribe and click on the box.
How to unsubscribe from Epic Games emails: same method as the previous point; removing the box.


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