Epic Games filed for the return of Fortnite to the App Store


Apple recently closed Epic Games’ developer account. Appealing to this decision, Epic Games wants to open the door of the App Store again for Fortnite and to regain access to the developer account. The company aims to issue an injunction for this.

In the petition filed by Epic Games, it was emphasized that the company opposed Apple because it believed it was doing the right thing. Epic accusing Apple of being a “monopolist” alleged that Apple abused its position in the app distribution and in-app payment processing market.

Epic Games deployed a separate payment system in Fortnite in the middle of last month that bypasses Apple’s in-app payment system. Apple removed Fortnite from the store shortly after this move, citing App Store rules violations. Epic Games responded to this move by Apple with a lawsuit, and the tension between the two companies increased.

While Epic Games is not willing to give up the payment system it prepared for Fortnite, Apple seems determined not to take Fortnite back to the App Store while this system is available. Although Apple has stated that if it suspends the payment system during the court process, it will accept Fortnite back to the App Store, Epic Games does not accept this option.

Epic Games’ application for interim injunction will be discussed in court on September 28.

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