Epic Games CEO Don’t worry about millions of lost investment

Epic Games: Through a tweet posted on their social networks this past Saturday (10), Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, gave more details about the company’s earnings in recent years, responding to an article that pointed to a financial loss in the hundreds of thousands. million dollars in the company.

According to the article shared by PCGamer, the Epic Games Store invested around US $ 444 million (about R $ 2.5 billion) in exclusive contracts with “minimum guarantees” in 2020, remaining linked to obligations to pay rights to the game. publisher even if the game inserted in the platform does not sell well. However, according to analysts, the investments brought more losses than profits, resulting in a loss of up to US $ 330 million with exclusives.

Shortly thereafter, Tim Sweeney replied to the publication with an infographic presenting the main figures for Epic in 2020. The businessman confirmed that, despite the indications of loss, the platform has more than 160 thousand active users who spent about US $ 700 million ( approximately R $ 4 billion) in the store in digital products, with approximately 36% of this amount directed to third-party games.

“That’s right! And it proved to be a fantastic success in reaching players with great games and a fantastic investment for growing the business,” commented the CEO. “Apple interprets this as ‘losing money’, but spending now to build a business big and profitable in the future is exactly what investment is! It is equally true whether you are building a factory, a store or a game. ”

What do you think of the Epic Games Store investments? Do you believe they will be important in the long run? Leave your opinion in the comments.



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