Epic Games Buys Harmonix, Creator Of Guitar Hero And Rock Band


Epic Games announced this Tuesday (23) the acquisition of Harmonix. The developer is already part of the new owner and has a series of plans integrated with the company’s services and titles. The trading values ​​were not disclosed.

In the short term, Harmonix will work on “transforming how people experience music from passive listeners to active participants”, including with events to be held in Fortnite. New partnership details have yet to be revealed.

“We’ll be working with Epic to once again defy expectations as we take our unique music gaming experience into the metaverse — and we couldn’t be more excited,” says the official statement.

The acquisition will not change Harmonix’s current release schedule, which works on constant DLCs for Rock Band and Rivals mode season events, as well as updates on Fuser, the company’s latest title. Also, titles currently in rival Steam’s catalog will not be affected.

The queen of musical games

Harmonix was founded in 1995 in the North American city of Boston. After releasing CD-ROM music software for computers, the company went on to release games on consoles and was noted for creating successful franchises such as Karaoke Revolution, Guitar Hero (which later passed to other companies), Rock Band and Dance Central .

In recent years, she started to release games less frequently and also bet on titles for Virtual Reality (VR).

In 2006, it was bought by MTV Networks, then part of the Viacom conglomerate, for $175 million. Four years later, Harmonix became an independent company again.