Epic Games asks to restore the game in the App Store


Since Epic Games and Apple started the clash on account of the microtransactions present in the Fortnite game that had not passed on the profit to the apple giant, the brands’ process has gone through several phases.

And yet another step in that clash of law won the spotlight this week as the game developer asked the UK court to step in and force Apple to repost the Fortnite game on the App store.

In order to ensure that “justice is done”, Epic Games points out that the practice of removing the game from the platform controlled by Apple was illegal, considering this attitude as an abuse of power with a focus on capitalism, since this removal is a way to show that only the Cupertino giant can have control over payments made on the App Store.

In conjunction with this argument, the developer inserted three allegations against Apple in the form of defense, which are: the fact that the company is the only one to dominate the distribution and transactions made within the store; the additional fees that are considered by many companies to be abusive; the removal of Fortnite after selling packages on its own payment system.

In addition to requesting the game’s return to the App Store, Epic Games still wants restriction orders to be applied against Apple to prevent further removals from being made. As of the time this article was finalized, the game had not yet returned to the required platform.


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