Epic Games – Apple fight turned into Fortnite tournament


Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, has been in a tough fight with Apple over App Store policies. The company does not fail to use this fight, which will continue for a while, in different ways. Epic announced the Fortnite tournament, which will kick off on August 23, where players can win “anti-Apple” prizes.

Epic had installed a direct payment system in Fortnite last week, in violation of Apple’s policies. After that, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store the same day. Epic, which sued Apple, was not satisfied with that and launched a campaign against Apple with the label “FreeFortnite”. Epic also released a video that made fun of Apple’s famous “1984” ad.

The tournament organized by Epic is called the “#FreeFortnite Cup”. The players participating in the tournament will be able to have a “evil apple” looking game costume, a hat with the inscription “Free Fortnite” and some non-Apple gaming devices. Epic’s awards include Alienware laptop, Galaxy Tab S7 tablet, OnePlus 8 phone, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch.

In the blog post announcing the tournament, Epic reminded that iOS device owners will not be able to play the new season, which is scheduled to start on August 27, and will miss out on some important updates. The company also suggested that iOS users move their games to another platform before the new season and report their complaints to Apple with the “#FreeFortnite” tag.

Epic is seeking an injunction to prevent Apple from being removed from the developer program. If Apple does not reverse its decision, Epic Games will be removed from the developer program as of August 28.

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