Epic Games Appeals Court Decision In Lawsuit Against Apple


Developer Epic Games will appeal Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers’ verdict in the company’s lawsuit against Apple.

Confirmed last Friday (10), the verdict requested a small change in iOS that forces Apple to release links or buttons for alternative payment methods in apps in the App Store. However, the judge did not favor Epic’s other accusations about monopoly and anti-competitive market practices. The company will still be forced to make payments to the rival for the time it spent circumventing the platform’s payment system.

Epic’s request involves asking a higher court to consider the case. Details of the document, such as new evidence or arguments, were not revealed.

When will Fortnite return?

According to Sweeney, it is not yet time for Fortnite to return to iOS devices: this will only happen when the developer’s demands are met. He also thanked the public that remains on the brand’s side and promises to keep fighting.

“Fortnite will return to the iOS App Store when and where Epic will be able to provide an in-app payment system in fair competition to Apple’s platform, passing on those savings to consumers,” he said.

However, she is seeking special permission for Fornite to be relaunched for iOS in South Korea — a country that recently passed a law to allow the use of self-payment systems in mobile apps without the need for a fee.


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