Epic Games Announces New Publishing Initiative and First Partners


Epic Games, one of the most spoken names in the game world, announced its new publishing initiative today. The company also announced the first partners to take part in this publishing initiative.

Epic Games, which is chasing the Steam, the biggest game platform in the world, and has thrown the hearts of the players with its campaigns, has shared an extremely important announcement today. In a blog post and video announcement, Epic Games announced its new multi-platform game release attempt.

According to the announcement by Epic Games, the company will adopt the “developer first” approach in its new game publishing initiative called “Epic Games Publishing”. In addition, the first partners to take part in the new publishing initiative were announced in the announcement by Epic Games.

Epic Games wants to radically change its developer / publisher model:

With its new platform, Epic Games stated that it wants to radically change the developer / publisher model that has been going on up to now. The company added that it aims to have the industry’s most developer-friendly terms so that creators can focus on making great games.

The benefits of Epic Games Publishing, a new publishing initiative, were also mentioned in the same announcement. The benefits of the platform for developers are explained as follows:

Creativity and ownership of creativity: Developers will have all intellectual property rights of the works they produce and 100% control over creativity.

Fully funded projects: Epic Games Publishing will cover 100% of development costs. This will include all publishing costs, from developer salaries to market opening costs such as quality assurance, localization and marketing.
50/50 percent profit sharing: Developers will get a fair share of their work. Developers will earn at least 50% of all profits after the costs are deducted.

The first partners of Epic Games’s new venture were Playdead, which made its name with the genes DESIGN, Inside and Limbo, known for The Last Guardian, and Remedy Entertainment, which marked the game world especially with Control. Although we do not yet know about the new games that these studios will release, Epic stated that at the end of the announcement, more information, developer partners and games will be released in the coming months.