Epic Games Adds Crazy Taxi Mode to Fortnite


Epic Games announced the Crazy Taxi mode, a new and very fun mode for Fortnite. In this short-term event, the teams challenge each other with their own private taxis.

Epic, which has recently come up with problems with Apple and Google, released a new short-term mode for Fortnite. In this mode, our aim is to collect 50 stars first by using our taxi. The rules are… actually, there aren’t many rules.

According to the official Fortnite Twitter account, the name of the new mode will be Tilted Taxis. In this mode, which is also a Battle Royale in essence, the aim is shown as being faster than other teams and accessing resources.

Bass throttle Epic push throttle

In this mode, players will fight by forming a team. Instead of having characters wandering around an island with a pickaxe in their hand, this time we will add traffic to each other in a modern city and try to collect 50 stars. It will only take a few minutes for things to get out of hand on the streets.

In the iconic Crazy Taxi game, we played a taxi driver who did not care so much about customer relations and did not care about the rules of the roads.

In the mod Epic calls Tilted Taxis, our aim is similar, but this time there are others like us, and colliding with them is one of the main points for this. It is stated that this short-term event will not be permanent in the game.

Like Crazy Taxi but not quite

Although Tilted Taxi is very similar to the classic game, it is different in terms of gameplay. Due to the patent obtained by Sega, it is not possible to use the game mechanics of the legendary game. That’s why Epic has rebuilt the production as a battle royale.

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The new mode looks quite fun. Players are expected to show great interest in this version. Thus, Fortnite will both keep the hearts of its players pleasing and integrate the fun ideas that have recently appeared in games such as Fall Guys into its own production.


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