EPEX US Tour Cancelled, Fans Worried About The Band


Boy band EPEX thrilled fans with the news of the cancellation of their US tour.

On January 6, the group’s agency C9 Entertainment made an official statement about the cancellation of the tour.

La tournée américaine d'EPEX est annulée, les fans sont inquiets pour le groupe

Here is the announcement:

“Hello, this is C9 Entertainment.

We would like to inform you that the first EPEX concert, ‘Eight Apex’ in the United States. which was supposed to start on February 3 and continue until February 18, was canceled due to an internal problem between the organizers.

Please read MyMusicTaste’s refund notice and details after the concert cancellation.

We would like to sincerely apologize for having to announce the cancellation to the fans who were waiting for the first EPEX “Eight Apex” concert in the United States, and we ask for your understanding.

Thanks. »

La tournée américaine d'EPEX est annulée, les fans sont inquiets pour le groupe

After this announcement, EPEX fans expressed concern about the band. It looks like the cancellation of the show is probably due to poor ticket sales.

Earlier it was reported that EPEX may be in danger, as tours with sales below 30% of the capacity/sales level may be canceled if there are less than three weeks left before the concert.

Subsequently, after learning about the risks, fans urged to buy tickets, but, unfortunately, in the end the tour was canceled.


In addition to the sadness of the fans who can’t see the band, they are even more concerned about the fact that the boys will probably be very saddened by this news.

“I hope EPEX doesn’t feel responsible for this. It is the fault of mmt (my musical taste) and C9 that they placed them in large halls and at too high prices. I hope they can rest and not feel guilty.”

Moreover, some fans fear that this will lead to the fact that the agency and the band will never tour around the world again. Because of this, many fans encourage people to find out about the band through social networks.


We hope that this is just a postponement and that the band will be able to play the tour that the guys and fans dreamed of in the future!


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