‘Environmentally Friendly’ Olympic Torch To Be Used In The 2020 Olympic Games


Some environmentally friendly steps will be taken to draw attention to climate change at the Olympic Games, which will be held in Tokyo this year. The biggest and most symbolic of these steps is that the Olympic torch will be burned with hydrogen.

Climate change is a sensitive issue that everyone should consider. Up-to-date data on the planet says it might be too late for anything if action is not taken now. For this reason, some steps are taken to draw attention to human-caused climate change in events and organizations that have been going on for years.

One of these steps will be taken at the Olympic Games, which dates back thousands of years and is still held today in 1896. According to the decision, hydrogen fuel that does not emit carbon will be used in the Olympic torch, which will be used in the games to be held in Japan this year.

Another step for ‘low carbon emission Japan’:
Such an initiative will be the first time in the history of the Olympic Games. Japan, which will open 500 hydrogen-powered cars to use at the event, will have added a new one to its low carbon emissions initiatives with the hydrogen olympic torch.

Authorities organizing the Tokyo 2020 games aim to reduce the carbon emissions that will occur in the event to zero and to raise awareness about environmental issues. Hydrogen to be used in the torch will be supplied from a renewable energy facility in Fukushima. The fact that hydrogen will be supplied from this city, where environmental disasters have previously occurred, will have a symbolic meaning.

Other steps to be taken for the environment in the Olympic Games:
Among the other important steps to be taken at the event; Initiatives such as using renewable cardboard, producing medals from recycled consumer electronics products, and making torches out of aluminum waste, will be included in the construction of beds in athletes’ accommodation.

The Olympic torch will begin its journey on March 26, and will be brought to the opening ceremony on July 24 after visiting 47 cities in Japan. We hope that this breakthrough will bring some awareness of climate change to everyone watching the event worldwide.


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