Entry-level Smartphone Friendly Gmail Go Released


Gmail Go, which aims to provide a more efficient e-mail service on entry-level smartphones, has been released. The application can be downloaded by all Android users.

Google, the owner of the Android operating system, knows that not all smartphones have the highest hardware, so they offer a ‘Go’ version of their main apps for poorly equipped budget smartphones. These apps, which have names such as Google Go, Google Assistant Go, Google Maps Go, offer a simpler interface and range of features compared to their full versions, providing high performance on ‘weak’ smartphones.

To the left, Google released a ‘Go’ app for its email service Gmail, and Gmail Go is now available to all Android smartphone users. In general, Gmail Go, which has the same design language as the original Gmail application, does not have design details or Google Meet integration that tire the system.

Little difference between Gmail and Gmail Go

In the screenshots above, you see the original Gmail app and the Gmail Go app side by side. When we look at the home screen, it is seen that the biggest difference between the two apps is the shaded coloring in the car bar and the Meet button at the bottom. However, Google has also reduced the FPS value of the application in Gmail Go. For this reason, although the application seems less fluent than the full version, this situation allows it to work more efficiently.

Although “Go” applications are mostly developed for phones running Android Go to benefit from Google services at full performance, all Android users have access to these applications. If you are looking for an application that is less ‘cool’ than the original Gmail application but with more performance, you can give Gmail Go application a try by clicking here.


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