Entourage: HBO is Accused By The Creator of Promoting a Boycott of The Series


Entourage: In a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Doug Ellin, creator of Entourage, accused HBO of promoting a certain boycott of his series because of the strength that some social movements have gained in recent times, such as #MeToo.

According to the producer and screenwriter, television production was not remembered by the broadcaster on several important occasions.

“We have been nominated for Emmy and Golden Globe awards for many years, so not including ourselves on a list of must-see comedies on the channel is very bizarre,” he commented, adding that other series on the network that also have content issues have not been overlooked. .

“I was very resentful,” he admitted. “Nobody said anything about the Sopranos, a series in which the characters murder people. Perhaps we should reevaluate whether murdering people on a television program is a good thing, ”he criticized.

“I don’t want to look unpleasant or that I’m seeing Entourage as erudite art, but the series addresses a very accurate picture of how people [behaved] at that time in Hollywood,” he explained.

Entourage: HBO’s production approached Hollywood backstage based on the life of Mark Wahlberg

Launched in 2004, the series features the experiences of Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), an actor from New York, and some of his friends when they move to Los Angeles. The group tries to infiltrate the film industry, experiencing many problems.

The episodes were based on the accounts of actor Mark Wahlberg, who even signed the executive production of the project alongside Doug Ellin. Over the course of eight seasons, the audience witnessed several profound dilemmas of the characters. The cast also featured Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Connolly and Jeremy Pivenc.

So far, HBO has not commented on Doug Ellin’s statements.


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