Enter the Gungeon and God’s Trigger Now Available


The Epic Games digital store already offers its free games this week and announces the next with the Hitman reboot and Shadowrun Collection.

One more week, Epic Games Store offers free video games to its users, this time, with Enter the Gungeon and God’s Trigger as protagonists; Thus, if we access the official pages of both titles in the Epic Games digital store and add them to our account, they will be ours forever and we can install them on our PC as many times as we want. In addition, the two main video games of next week’s promotion have also been announced, with the reboot of Hitman and Shadowrun Collection, available from next Thursday, August 27.

Roguelike and frenetic action for free this week

Thus, this week we can get hold of one of the great representatives of the roguelike genre with Enter the Gungeon, the celebrated action game and random dungeons of Dodge Roll in which we will have to dispatch countless enemies based on frantic shootouts. All this to make our way between the different floors of the so-called Armazmorra, facing the most diverse rivals, including powerful final bosses.

And it seems to be the week of action in the Epic Games Store, since today’s second free game is none other than God’s Trigger, an action-shooting adventure from a top view in which we will again have to make use of our aim to fight our way through levels plagued by hitmen, a game that does not skimp on blood and explicit violence.

However, we have until next August 27 to add both titles to our digital library, the day on which two new titles will be made available to Epic Games Store users completely free of charge, such as the celebrated reboot of Hitman a charge of IO Interactive and the remake of the tactical RPG Shadowrun through its different installments and in its most complete versions.


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